petty crime don’t pay but the big stuff sure can

we went to the british museum the other day and i have to say it just gives me the creeps. it is full of all this awesome stuff from around the world that has basically been stolen back in the day. all of it is of cultural significance especially to the people it was aquired from. this statue is in the greek section next to whole sections of the parthenon. surely the world has matured to the stage that this kind of thing is unjustifiable. all i can think about when i am walking around is armed forces making off with all the goods from stunned locals. i know i am not the first person to write this kind of thing down but it really is astonishing that the place still exists in its current form. the photo below is the blurb about the ownership of the statue with the obvious omission that the motherfuckers stole it in the first place! a lot of the exibitions are free but the number of patrons indicates that the museum is quite a big puller of the tourist dollar even if it is just indirect.


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