If you are old enough you will remember how much fun monkey magic was back in the day. I took this photo while I was waiting for sound check the other day (soundcheck is so fucking boring it’s ridiculous and usually it’s a waste of time because everything has changed on the engineers console by the time you play anyway). The sound was down on the huge tv so I was not sure what was going on in this episode but it was really trippy. Some very cool cheap special effects and crazy LSD looking graphics. It’s worth pointing out too that the music in this show is absolutely off the hook. The musicians are all motherfuckers and the music is as funky as it gets with an abundance of spacey synthesizers and killer grooves. This episode featured the new piggsy. I was never a fan of his work compared to the original guy. The true piggsy was selfish in a kind of ‘leave me here monkey so I can play with these beautiful ladies’ and he had a kind of cheeky allure. The new guy was kind of just a whinger but it’s always hard to replace a character. Especially someone with the incredible acting nuances of the real piggsy. He just killed it in those scenes with the girls.


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2 Responses to Monkeeeeeey

  1. God. I loved the original Monkey. Got to see if I can find out copies of it somewhere.

  2. yeah. it would be interesting to watch it again now being an adult. i started reading the translated book too when i was about 15. it was quite funny but it was dense and i never finished it.

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