Trippin’ out in the east end

I took this shot at the Brick Lane markets and at the time I thought it sucked. I was sifting through some lenses that one of the highly reputable merchants had for sale and found one that looked like it may work. Usually if you hold an SLR lense up to your phone camera the image is blurred because the focal length of the lense is not suitable for the digital sensor (neeeeerrrrd alert). As you can see it was a pretty sunny day so when I looked at the shot I didn’t realise it was kind of cool because I was not expecting anything of quality. When I got home and flicked through and found it I was impressed. It’s like one of those lucky shots from back in the film days that are technically wrong but there is something pleasing about them. It reminds me of The Beatles for some reason and it’s really wierd how there is so much stuff in the shot but no brand names which gives it a pretty timeless feel. I find these happy accidents to be rare with digital but things like hipstamatic sure increase the frequency of cool looking shots. The guy wanted 15 squids for it which I think is steep even now I know how cool the shot turned out but at the time I considered it highway robbery. The lense will most probably never be used again.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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