Ooooh scary

If ever there was a haunted church this would be it. This church is around the corner from my place in east London. It is on the route taken by the tour guide that shows interested people around the places that Jack the Ripper used to hang out at way back in the day. I have never taken the tour myself but I can say that on more than one occasion while quenching my thirst in a pub that is known to be one of the places old Jack used to meet prostitutes, I have seen the tour guide outside pointing in the general direction of the steeple and revealing some inthralling information to a bunch of very attentive serial killer enthusiasts.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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2 Responses to Ooooh scary

  1. we should have a drink at that bar sometime.

  2. genius idea sir. i will have my people set it up.

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