No substitutes

This is my good friend Matt Redlich. This is him in his studio. He is very talented sound engineer as well as being a great musician and songwriter and producer. His studio is packed full of gear that most producers would covert. Most of it is old and expensive and some of it he made himself with a soldering iron and a lot of patience. The funny vacuum tube thing in the foreground is a guitar amp that he made. A lot of it breaks down regularly but he keeps it all running smoothly as he knows the value of all of this real gear as opposed to computer plug-ins. This shot was taken on the day I was playing drums for a recording session with my sister’s project Laneway. You can check out the outstanding result at Laneway’s website. And you can find some more examples of Matt’s work here. He is also a great photographer and uses a medium format film camera for some of his work. Check his photos out here. As a side note too, the piece of rack gear at the bottom to Matt’s left is the compressor I used for the drums on the push album. He lent it to me for about six months which was supercool. It is still the most amazing sounding compressor I have used and maybe one day I will buy one but like most of the real cool old stuff you have to be lucky enough to find one in the first place.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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