The black swan…or is that a dinosaur?

I just left a bizzare cinema that was like a bigger cinema cut in half, straight down the middle of the screen. There were seats to the left of the screen but on the right they finished in line with the edge of the picture. To a young chap’s disgust we pushed passed and sat right in the middle of the projection. After watching the black swan I thought I would give it a review. The acting by the actors was very good indeed. Natalie Portman was very convincing as was the very famous actor playing her crazy mum (mom) and the french guy from la haine was smooth as a motherfucker as always. The editing and soundtrack created an intense sensation almost the whole way through. There was a girl sitting beside me who needed to be comforted as the credits rolled. I would recommend it. Yep. But it could have been a bit more thick in terms of plot. Kind of a mash up of two old stories.


About the fingers malone ensemble

drums and mpc and keyboards and synthesizers and compressors
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